During the making of any movie, there are moments that stand out. For the production and cast members of "The Fields," here are a few highlights they recall.

Cloris Leachman, actress: "When I ate at a lovely tavern (The Jupiter) in the town of Kunkletown."

Bev Appleton, actor: "Had the opportunity to play opposite one of the great ladies ... Cloris Leachman."

Faust Checho, actor: "Working with Cloris Leachman was an unforgettable experience! It's hard to stop laughing when Cloris is around, because she never stops performing. Yet she turned in a riveting dramatic performance. She's a true master of the craft, and an absolute joy to be around."

Tom Mattera, co-director: "Getting poison sumac on day three of the shoot at the tree in the cornfields that destroys your legs at 3 a.m. after a 14-hour day and then have it move onto your eyelids and Cloris Leachman swatting cigarettes out of crew members' mouths with a fly swatter was also entertaining."

Dave Mazzoni, co-director: "The cornfields. That was an adventure! Allergies aside, it was very challenging to get all of our lights and equipment into acres of corn, not to mention a Mustang that plows through them!"

Joshua Ormond, actor: "Between takes when I was out in the corn, nobody could see me, but every once in a while one of my special 'corn rockets' would be seen as I sent them soaring up into the sky. They looked like lawn darts with really long tails."

Bruce Smith, writer and producer: "Cloris decided she wanted to go offset to eat at a local restaurant just to sample the food. She heard some of the crew talking about the Jupiter Tavern and that was it, that's where she was going. I was talking with the second assistant director, Roe Capaccio when I heard the walkie talkie squawk that 'Cloris was going over the wall!' I intercepted her and she said she was going if she had to walk it. I put her in my truck and a few other crew members joined us at the Jupiter. However, on the way she made me stop my truck at the top of Church Road near the cell tower to look at the setting fall sun. We sat there silent for awhile and she said, 'You need to slow down in your life and enjoy more moments like this. Are you looking?' I told her I was and then she said, 'I'm having so much fun. I love my life. It's too much fun.' And I thought, Wow. I'm having this great moment with a Hollywood legend. That is a sunset I will never forget. Ever. It was one of those moments you hear people talk about but few experience. I was lucky."