The Palmerton Community Ambulance Association Inc. has experienced a rejuvenation of sorts.

Thanks to the artistic flair of a pair of graphic arts students at the Carbon Career and Technical Institute, the association's crew room of emergency management services now sports a new look.

Junior Therese Merkel and senior Jake Rocco, both of Palmerton, worked on their senior project at the station. In the process, Merkel and Rocco created a mural on the wall in the association's crew room of EMS.

Merkel said the mural was tweaked over the course of several months.

"I love how it got," Merkel said. "I like doing murals, and you get to learn how to work with someone else on the project."

Rocco said they had to draw stencils, trace it, and paint it.

"It's cool up on the wall," said Rocco, who also designed license plates for the association as well. "Everyone can see it and appreciate it."

Jeanie Solarczyk, president of the ambulance association, said crew members were impressed with the final result.

"I think they did a fabulous job," Solarczyk said. "We let the design up to them, and what they wanted to do."