At Tuesday's meeting of the Rush Township supervisors a lottery drawing of the housing rehab applications was held. The township has received 23 applications to date. The applications were drawn by Assistant Secretary/Assistant Treasurer Marie Skripnek and will be numbered accordingly.

ProDesign Plus will open the applications and a master list will then be compiled. ProDesign will then be conducting the interviews to determine the target areas in the township. They will apply for the housing rehab funds of $330,000 on behalf of the township. The supervisors also noted that applications are still being accepted and they are available in the township administration office.

The Rush Township Park Improvement project has received several additional donations.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Taylor- $40.00

Taylor Rooter & Drain Service - $25.00

Ed Ankiewicz/Grand Prix Excavating - $100.00

The supervisors thanked those who have donated and greatly appreciate the donations that have been received to date.

The unveiling of the new website was on Aug. 2, and was attended by public officials and local business professionals. Refreshments served were supplied by Katermade Katering of Palo Alto. The supervisors would like to thank the Tamaqua Industrial Development Enterprise (TIDE) and Frank Zukas of SEDCO for sponsoring the refreshments and look forward to working closely with these groups to advance the economic growth of the township.

Since its unveiling the website has had a total of 2,452 pages viewed. A total of 306 individuals have been on-line to navigate through the sections of information listed. All traffic sources sent a total of 320 visits. All but two of those viewers have been from the U.S. while one was from the Philippines and one from Iraq.

The office staff and website consultant will be working to put all ordinances and resolutions on-line. The staff and supervisors welcome any suggestions that residents may have as to what they might like to see on the web site.

Bids opened

The bids awarded for road materials were as follows:

A motion was made with all supervisors agreeing to award aggregate to Slusser Brothers FOB at a maximum contract of $79,480.48.

A motion was made with all supervisors agreeing to award bituminous materials to Hazleton Materials FOB at maximum contract of $1,422.70 and aggregate at maximum contract of $8,980.00.

A motion was made with all supervisors agreeing to award bituminous to Lehigh Asphalt FOB at maximum contract of $3,420.00.

A letter referencing the Crime Watch Group was read with the supervisors reminding the residents that Crime Watch Group is run solely by the police department and the supervisors. It is open to everyone from the township. An application must be filled out and a background check done. After which an official letter will be written to the applicant. Anonymity of the members will be maintained at all times. Applications can only be obtained at the administration office or the police department. At this point in time there are no official members in Crime Watch. It was also noted that the Crime Watch Group is not associated in any way with the Concerned Citizens Group in the township.

Also, residents were reminded that the township office will be closed for business on Wednesdays until further notice. Now that the website is up and running, this will allow the administration to enter all public information, official documents, and permits that are required by the township for public use.