The children at St. Matthew's UCC's took an adventurous trip through the Rain forest thanks to their Vacation Bible School lessons, crafts, music and games. The Mindful Monkeys (Preschool age), Trusting Tree Frogs (Primaries), Truthful Toucans (third and fourth graders), and the Justly Jaquars (fifth and sixth graders) sang several songs they learned over the week for their family and friends at the closing ceremony Friday night. They're standing in front of a palm tree that recorded each day's giving for their mission money to be donated to the Bethany Children's Home. Each day the monkey climbed to the next level. Their goal was $100 but it climbed all the way to $160. They also filled a canoe with canned goods and nonperishable food items that will be donated to the Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Network.