A forum to discuss problems with student truancy from schools will take place Friday at the Schuylkill Technology Center Conference Room near Marlin, Norwegian Township, Schuylkill County, with representatives from all county schools, officers of the county Junevile Probation Office and members of the county Children and Youth Services Agency participating.

President Judge William E. Baldwin, who presides over juvenile matters in the county court, will chair the meeting and will present for discussion a new plan approved by a task force appointed several years ago to study the truancy problem in the county schools. Baldwin requested the formation of a juvenile task force and the county commissioners appointed one.

Imput will be asked from the various groups pertaining to the proposals which will be presented to enhance the existing rules. They include taking away certain privileges from students who miss many days from school without a legitimate reason. These include those who reach their 16th birthday denying those who may seek a driver's license, or perform a certain number of hours of community service and to serious violators being sent to detention centers or even boot camps.

Baldwin estimates 91 percent of criminal actions are committed by those who have truancy records.