The Lansford Fire Department responded to a total of 10 calls in the month of July, bringing the total calls for the year to 68.

Of those July responses, two were for vehicle fires, two for RIT (rapid intervention team) calls, and one each for dwelling/structure fire, carbon monoxide, EMS assist, automatic alarms, public assist, and miscellaneous.

For the year, there were 10 automatic alarms, nine RIT calls, eight dwelling/structure fires and EMS assists, five each investigations and motor vehicle accidents, four oil burner malfunctions, three pulbic assists and miscellaneous fires, two brush fires, and one each of hazardous materials, helicopter landing, electrical, and stand-by status.

In July, five of the calls were in Lansford, two each were in Summit Hill and Tamaqua, and one was in Coaldale.

There were 10 firefighters involved in fundraising events for the month.

There were four training sessions during the month, involving 12 members of the department expending a total of 139 man hours.

Four fire company members spent a collective total of 80 man-hours on administrative duties.