Ross, The Mentalist, performed for an audience at the Tamaqua Salvation Army on Tuesday.

Ross provides performs his shows throughout the East Coast at no charge for non-profit organizations. Ross amazes and amuses his audience with his unusual ability to predict their actions, read their thoughts and subliminally persuade his subjects to do as he wishes. The performance can be from 10 minutes to a full one hour show. Each show is tailored to fit your needs.

Ross never charges for his performance. There is no fee, tip, honorarium, or any other charge. Ross has performed over 300 free shows for non-profit groups of all kinds.

A mentalist is someone who uses the art and skill of ESP, thought projection, precognition, clairvoyance and mind reading to entertain through audience participation. Ross combines these elements to sustain a highly entertaining, funny and intelligent show. Audience participation is a foundation of the show and plays an essential role in its success. Audiences gasp and laugh as Ross projects his thoughts into a volunteer's mind, predicts what they will say or do, and reads their thoughts.

Ross said, "I believe in giving to the community in the best way I can, by entertaining others." He gives freely of his time to religious, social, fraternal, or charitable organization. Ross is particularly fond of entertaining for senior centers that host daytime lunch programs, like the Salvation Army. He says he will consider a request from any organization. Mentalism is a branch of magic that appears to employ psychic powers to read someone's mind, predict the future, and similar paranormal action.

But Ross tells everyone he is really a magician who uses conjuring methods to bring about such psychic effects. It's often been said that if a magician uses "sleight of hand," then a mentalist uses "slight of mind." Ross pointed out, Although my so-called psychic powers might appear to be genuine, I am just a skilled magician and entertainer." Ross's website is . Dina Depos, Tamaqua Salvation Army Programs Director, stated how much she appreciates Ross coming all the way from East Stroudsburg to entertain seniors at the Salvation Army. She added, "He loves to entertain, and is good at it."