The Tamaqua Area High School Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 36 students into its ranks at a ceremony Thursday evening at the school district's auditorium.

Marietta Kotch, chapter advisor, welcomed the inductees, who were selected for the society on the basis of academic performance as well as school and community service.

The officers of the society read the four criteria for membership. Katelyn Ciccozzi, president, presented scholarship; Megan Delauretis, vice president, service; Tara Hoben, secretary, leadership; and Mallory Loughman, treasurer, character.

Ciccozzi inducted the new members, who each signed the society register and were presented with certificates.

Stephen Toth, assistant principal, provided remarks to the inductees. Toth said that the criteria for membership represent pillars of the society, and while each is important, the one that stood out for him is character.

"Character makes intelligence worthwhile. Character gives credence to service.Character doesn't allow people to lead, but gives people a reason to follow," said Toth.

"What is character? Character is taking responsibility. Character is steadfastness. Character is making decisions, even when it's tough. Character is charity. Character is self-sacrifice. Character is tough love. Character is benevolence. Character is the ability to begin. Character is learning from mistakes. Character encompasses all that is us and makes us good. Having character is not simple, yet doing simple acts give people that distinction."

Toth summed up the essence of character with a quote from Chinese General Sun Tzu's 6th Century BC book, The Art of War: "The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom."

Seniors who were inducted into the society were Megan Berezwick, Ricky Clemson, Megan Smith, Susan Troxell and Kathryn Wagner.

Junior inductees were Hailey Arnold, Paige Baddick, Spencer Bennett, Jerome Betz, Kelsey Burkett, Alesia Casler, Kyle Cunningham, Megan Felty, Eileen Flamini, Samantha Guth, Deanna Hill, Jill Hoppes, Colin Johnson, Alyssa Keich, Melody Kelly, Kayla Kerstetter, Nathaniel Leibensperger, Jessica Leiby, Alexis Leshko, Kolby Mashack, Lauren Mateyak, Trevor Reinhardt, Joseph Rudy, Casey Sassaman, Schuyler Schmidt, Amber Schock, Daniel Starry, Calvin Troxell, Vanessa Wagner, Carl Wittig and Erin Zeigler.

Current members include Megan Amey, Shauna Bannan, Bergen Bowe, Katelyn Ciccozzi, Megan Delauretis, Lauren Fedor, Shelby Hankins, Jordan Heisler, Tara Hoben, Kaitlyn Keich, Alexandra Kurek, Mallory Loughman, Ca ssandra Martin, Corey McCann, Brianne Moyer, Dana Rottet, Briana Rubright, Janan Shafer, Geoffrey Sincavage, Catie Samets, Brock Stein, Jacqueline Stewart, Elissa Streisel, Nicole Thomas, Laura Walser, Lauren Ward and Jennifer Wood.