The 'Bungy' occupies land in two municipalities, with the pool and pavilion situated in Tamaqua, but the northern laurel trails falling in Schuylkill Township. A magnificent oasis of mountain springs and evergreens, the park can't be seen from anywhere else in town. Adding to the mystique is the fact that, despite its name, no bungalow exists there.

Nobody is around to remember the original, all-natural mudhole, but many local residents recall when the floor of the pool was unfinished.

"I remember when the concrete was only along the sides," said Pauline Boettger, Tamaqua, a volunteer with the park commission for over 25 years. "When we swam there, we'd stay away from the northern end because the spring water entered at that side and it was always colder there."

Farber's Spring, which originally fed the swimming hole, no longer enters the pool but is diverted around and beneath it. Instead of spring water, the pool is filled each year using treated water from a nearby fire hydrant.

What is the value of the entire complex? One million? Two million? It's anybody's guess. But the buildings alone are valued at $533,959 according to the borough's insurance coverage.