Get ready for another presentation of Harmony Scholars at the Panther Valley High School auditorium on Friday, April 16 and Saturday, April 17, starting at 7 p.m.

Under the direction of Kathy Crampsie and Patty Vito, the show will feature high school students performing to popular numbers. The master of ceremonies will be J. Christopher West. Costumes are designed by Janet Branchide, Maureen Gurka, Allyn Mock, Debbie Nevenglosky, and Lynn Sharpe. Lighting director is Pam Poeldnurk assisted by Tony Walck. Special effects will be created by Chris Opreska of Cool Lights Pro DJ Service. Music will be provided by Thad Hager.

The Stage Crew is Jordan Duke, Brielle Poeldnurk, Rich Smith, and Samantha Zlock. The Stage and Set Design director is Lisa Hiles. She is assisted by Don and Mary Mantz, Alec Mertz, Dave and Chrissy King, Tom, Pam, and Samantha Zlock, John Markovich and Julie Loudon.

An added feature will be pianist Chris Opreska playing the piano before the show. A talented entertainer, Chris, 24, plays without reading music and is a graduate of Central Catholic High School in Allentown. He was two-years-old when he first sat down at a piano and started playing.

The cast consists of Sarah Branchide, Benonia Bruce, Emily Clewell, Candace Conville, Lauren Cormier, Kevin Dunn, Brittany Erbe, Brandon Gurka, Michael Hadesty, Jason Harrison, Lainey Hochberg, Tricia Janowiak, Emily Kehl, Christin Kehler, Chelsea Kennedy, Zack King, Casey Lawrence, Katie Loudon, Michael Luckenbill, Kory Lopata, Angie Mannino, Christa Mantz, Nick McArdle, Dana McFadden, Carly Markovich, Keith Miller, Danielle Natividad, Scott Nevenglosky, Kayla Nunemacher, Demi Ogozalek, Thad Ogozalek, Greg Pecha, Ryan Poeldnurk, Michael Sloboda, Zach Stanko, Steph Stoffa, Celene Yelito, and Katie Zulic.