Barb Timbrz of Abzolute Enterprizez knows her litter. She has been cleaning the 2-1/2 mile stretch of Maury Road that takes motorists from the top of the mountain in Jim Thorpe to Franklin Township for the past 10 years - usually six times a year.

Sometimes she gets help and when she does, she is quick to offer thanks.

On Monday, she, along with 14 youths from Camp Adams made a total litter sweep of the area, with Timbrz being a strict taskmaster to make sure the area is completely litter free.

"We are here to celebrate Earth Day," said Timbrz. Timbrz said that without the help from the boys at Camp Adams, it would take her at least a week for her alone to clear the litter. "I appreciate the help when Camp Adams helps. The boys are supposed to do community service and that is what this is, community service."

Timbrz said she cannot believe that the area needs to be cleaned as often as it is, but that sometimes she will see litter the very next day after it is cleared.

"This serves a dual purpose," she said. "I believe that the boys understand the impact of litter by the end of the clean up."

Timbrz also invited everyone to take part in this weekend's Earth Day Festival in Jim Thorpe. She said that there will be a great deal of activities, plus music, vendors and refreshments and demonstrations by Carbon County Environmental Education Center.

Timbrz said that Camp Adams has been helping her other times throughout the years.

Timbrz said that Abzolute Enterprizez is an official sponsor of the Adopt-A-Highway Program of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. She said that anyone can be a sponsor by contacting PennDOT. The section of highway must be at least two miles.

"I've noticed a great deal of dumping along Maury Road," she said. "We're going to investigate the dumping to see if we can find anything that identifies who is doing it. That person will be prosecuted for littering."

Abzolute Enterprizez is a local chimney cleaning and repair service which has been in the local area for 15 years.

"We also contribute to many other local charities," she said. "We believe in community service."