Passing Judy Kresge's house in Kresgeville is like a gift to motorists. And that's no eggs-aggeration. She observes every holiday by decorating her house and front yard for each.

This Easter was no egg-ception.

The eggs-traordinary egg tree in her front yard is a delightful array of all the colors associated with Easter. She estimates there are about 750 plastic eggs on it with colored lights at night.

"I really do have to count them. Everybody keeps asking me how many are on it," says Judy.

It took her a whole day to put them on.

"I'd hang some, then go and do something else, then hang some more, take a break, hang some more until it was finally done," she says.

It is a labor of love.

"I enjoy decorating. It's the comments I get where ever I go that even if it wasn't worthwhile before, it is now," she says.

One comment she got was, "I'm surprised I never had an accident while looking at your decorations."

This Eldred Elementary School custodian, mother of three and grandmother of three, does her best not to disappoint. Christmas decorations take her a week to put everything out.

"It's colder. I don't move as fast," she chuckles.

After Christmas it's all snowmen and snowflakes.

Her patriotic decorations are usually out from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Halloween is one of her favorite holidays because the children love it so.

"I've had people tell me they think I make up holidays so I can put stuff out," she says.

Judy loves knowing she makes someone smile as they drive by her home. To her, that's really egg-citing.