A-What is the second poorest country in Central America ?

B-What country has the world's largest deposits of silver, zinc, zircon, and easily extracted uranium ?

C-What country was the site of the 1994 Olympic Winter games ?

The answers to these and multitudes of other questions about other countries around the world could be found at the Penn Kidder Elementary School's Multicultural Night which was held in the school's gymnasium last week.

According to Shawn Albert, about 100 students, all of whom were from the 7th grade, prepared exhibits profiling 53 different countries.

Each of these exhibits overflowed with facts, photographs, flags, maps, recipes, and something that was a real crowd-pleaser, samples of ethnic foods distinctive to each country.

In this way, those who visited and participated in the evening's event could see first-hand, the differences or similarities in the diversity of cultures from all parts of our world.

To add an extra touch of realism to their country's cultural display, some students even dressed up in apparel distinctive to that country.

Hundreds of visitors came to the Penn Kidder's Multicultural Night to learn about all of those countries represented by the exhibits that were on display in the school's gym.

Oh, for those of you who may be curious about the three questions at the start of this story, the correct answers are : A-Honduras, B-Australia, and C-Norway.