A large marble monument which for years was mounted in the old Summit Hill Borough Council chambers finally has a new home at the entrance to the Ginter Stadium Complex near the new Borough building in the hilltop community thanks to the efforts of volunteers from the Summit Hill Historical Society.

“I would like to thank Tom Wehr, Robert Wagner and Harry Miller for their assistance and roles in installing the large monument at the entrance to the stadium," said Summit Hill Historical Society President Maxine Vermillion.

She told the members that Wehr and Wagner managed to move the extremely large, heavy sign from the temporary storage location in which it was taken to the stadium and with the assistance of Miller, a councilman, were able to install it.

They built a sturdy frame and mixed concrete to mount the sign inside the gate Vermillion told the group.

She said if it wasn't for Miller's efforts the marble plaque probably would have been discarded instead of being preserved. “Harry oversaw moving it to storage in a garage and saving it until we could mount it."

The Historical Society, through a grant from State Rep., now Speaker of the House Keith McCall, provided the funding necessary to restore and beautify the entrance to the town landmark. More than $24,000 was given by the state to the Society to restore the entrance as well as several thousand dollars supplied by funds raised by the group.

Included in the restoration was a memorial walk at the entrance, reconstruction of the planters and restoration of the gates. This marble sign was the last part of the project.

In other business, member Jim Szczecina reported the Historical Society's annual Christmas trip for members and local residents was already almost sold out but there were still some seats remaining. He told members they could contact him for more information.

Vermillion also reported they would attempt to open the museum on Wednesdays in the near future as Friday evening visitors have fallen off in recent years.

She also announced that Lee Mantz was planning to donate the proceeds of his new “Summit Hill" book to the Summit Hill Historical Society in gratitude for their assistance with providing research and photographs for his project. There will be a book signing and refreshments at the museum on Sunday November 1 at 1 p.m.

Meetings are held monthly on the third Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Summit Hill Historical Society Museum. The next meeting will be November 18.