A dispute between neighbors in Tamaqua on Sept. 25 has resulted in charges being filed against one of the parties and a friend of the other party.

Officers received a call from Lester Bowman, 25, of 214 Patterson St., at 8:11 p.m. Bowman wanted to report that his neighbor, Antoinette Miller, 46, of 216 Patterson St., had thrown coffee on him. The dispute allegedly began with Miller banging on a common wall with Bowman then banging back. Miller then reportedly went to Bowman's front porch and threw a cup of coffee at him.

While Bowman was filling out a written complaint a Jeffrey Laster, of 146B Owl Creek Rd., arrived to complain that no one had contacted Miller regarding the complaint. When he observed Bowman, Laster began yelling insults. Laster was cited for harassment.

Miller arrived at the station and began complaining about the treatment she was receiving. When asked about the coffee incident she first stated it was an accident caused when Bowman came on to her porch and struck her with her door, causing the coffee to spill. When reminded that wet coffee had been found on Bowman's porch, she recanted, said she did throw the coffee on Bowman and became uncooperlative with the officer.

She was then cited for disorderly conduct and harassment.