District Judge Casimir Kosciolek of Lansford fined a landlord in the borough $2,000 for his dilapidated property.

The fine was levied on Oliver Westmeier of 532 W. 25th St., New York, who owns the property at 250-254 E. Snyder Ave.

Westmeier didn't attend the hearing before Kosciolek yesterday.

The charges were filed by Katheryn Labosky, zoning officer in Lansford. Labosky issued four separate citations to Westmeier on the property, which includes the partial concrete side of a building, debris, and broken steps which end abruptly on the site.

Representing the borough, besides Labosky, was the borough's solicitor, Attorney Robert Yurchak.

Labosky said a neighbor has complained about seeing rats as a result of the unkempt condition of the property. The neighbor was present to testify at the hearing, but wasn't called when Westmeier didn't attend.

It was noted that Westmeier purchased the lot on June 9, 2008, for $521 from the borough's tax collector.

The building was in a state of disrepair before Westmeier purchased it, it was added.

A warning was sent to the landlord on Sept. 5, 2008, by Labosky. She also sought a timeline on rectifying the issues with the lot, but never received one.

Citations were then issued by Labosky on April 20 and 21.

Labosky said the lot has been a problem for the borough for some time. She said the previous owner, Peter Shah, also received warnings and citations regarding the condition of it.

Kosciolek levied a fine of $500 for each of the four citations issued by Labosky.

Westmeier has 30 days to file an appeal or pay the fine.