Dear Editor:

Evidently, the Washington elite have no reservations anointing themselves with special privileges not available to us.

Here are some examples.

B.H. Obama and Cong. cronies, conniving to force upon us Marxist health care, were asked if they would subject themselves to the same substandard plan. Their response, a flat no! They're superior to us common folk.

The Cong. Black Caucus, falsely charging racism, is inherently racist. There's no "White Caucus."

Windbag politicians, defending Affirmative Action, refuse to relinquish their prestigious positions for A.A. Conversely, millions of citizens have been cheated out of equal opportunities, a Constitutional right.

Obama, lamenting about global warming, Cap & Tax, paradoxically enjoys armored limos and jumbo jets for vacations and date nights. He expects us to buy tiny, dangerous clown cars.

Michelle Obama, advocating redistribution (higher taxes) said, "You have to take a smaller pieces of the pie." M.O. didn't share her "pie" (big salary from a patronage job) with poor people.

The cure for this double standard corruption? Vote them out! Replace them with conservative, conscientious public servants who respect taxpayers.

John W. Bird