The two Schuylkill County court related unions voted over the noon hour Thursday on the options given by the county commissioners. But unlike their compatriots, members of the AFSCME union, they refused to devulge the results.

The explanation given was that the union representatives were to meet with the commissioners Friday but at the last minute the board cancelled the meeting. Also, union heads want to review the vote. They also reported that the vote had no bearing on their present contract because it does not expire until December 2011 and the commissioners could not take any action without consent of the union.

At Wednesday's vote members of the AFSCME union, who include the workers in the Recorder of Deeds Office, Treasurer's Office, Controller's office, maintenance people and people at Rest Haven Home and Hospital, the vote was overwhelming to reject the proposal for a shorter work week from 35 to 30 hours which would cut their pay by 14 percent.

The court unions are divided between those who work for the judges and those who work for the department heads such as Prothonotary, District Attorney, Register of Wills, Clerk of Courts, law library and public defenders staff.