Money was raised and records were broken as part of this year's Jump Rope for Heart event in the Palmerton Area School District.

Last week, students at the S.S. Palmer Elementary School gave it their all in an attempt to raise money for the annual event.

From jumping rope, to pogo sticks, to the long jump and various other fun stations, the students exercised their hearts out, according to Ryan Heller, physical education teacher.

Three school records were broken, including the 30-second jumping jacks, girls K-3, the 30-second jumping jacks, boys, K-3, and the pogo sticks, grades 3-6.

Heller said the students look forward to the event all year long.

"They're loving it," Heller said. "They get to make money for a good cause."

While only around half of the $15,000 goal had been realized as of Thursday morning, Heller hailed the program as a success.

"They get to learn about their health and their heart, as well as other people's health and heart," he said. "They can still do things to help others and have fun, plus it's a good learning experience to carry with them outside of the classroom."

Fifth-grader Austin Lewis said he likes the program.

"The jump rope limbo is really fun," Lewis said. "I went really low."

Jump Rope For Heart promotes the value of physical activity to elementary school children, while showing them they can contribute to their community's welfare.