The Wal-Mart store in the HT Commons in Hometown was victimized by a pair of thieves Saturday who allegedly made off with electronics merchandise valued at $2,170.

According to Rush Township Police, on Saturday at 10:30 a.m., two white males were inside the store for approximately an hour and stole merchandise, using as a getaway vehicle a mid 2000s Chevrolet Avalanche.

"What it looks like they did was select the merchandise, empty a large toy box, stuff other merchandise inside of it, purchase that box without paying for the single items inside along with a cheap $5 DVD, and then go through the EAS (alarm system)," said Rush Township Corporal Duane Frederick. "When the alarm sounded, they played dumb and acted like it was the $5 DVD that set it off, which it looks like what happened.

"One of the guys was wearing a Philadelphia Eagles coat and went outside first, got in the vehicle, and then pulled it up near the front of the store to load up the merchandise, when the other guy came out."

From what has been gathered so far, the thieves managed to steal three $498 laptops and four $169 Nintendo DSis, with a total value of $2,170, said Frederick.

The culprits were caught on the store's video cameras, with the images circulated to area media outlets.

Anyone with any information on the incident is asked to contact Frederick at (570) 668-4242.