The Kidder Township board of supervisors met for the monthly meeting on Thursday night and one of the topics discussed at the meeting was another extension of Land Development Improvement Agreement until March 19, 2010 for Golden Oaks phase 1 stage 1. The extension was denied by a vote of 3 to 1 abstaining.

The property owner, Mr. Herman, of Golden Oaks has repeatedly requested extensions for the land development agreement. Residences of the Golden Oaks community have made repeated complaints about the extensions being approved and work never being done.

The Kidder Township board of supervisors invited Mr. Herman to attend several meetings to submit a written plan of action and explain the need for yet another extension. Despite the numerous attempts by the board to have the property owner attend board meetings, he has not made an appearance.

The board felt that there was no choice but to deny the extension in hopes of finding some resolution to the lack of work being done at Golden Oaks. Board Supervisor Kevin Nally asked for public comment to ensure that the board was making the right move in denying the extension. The overwhelming support of the public in attendance was in favor of the board's decision.

The Kidder Township board of supervisors voted to deny the extension because they felt it was in the best interest of the 37 households in Golden Oaks and the many other lot owners. The board felt that after several extensions and many years without the work being completed that the property owner had no intention of making the necessary improvement